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The May Garden

May 2nd, 2010

My Canna Lily

I am finding my May garden a rather depressing and untidy sight – well, at the moment anyway, because it is still very dry and truth to be told I have not had as much time to get on out there as I would like.  At present I am very busy inside, stripping wallpaper and renovating the kitchen.  It all started with my window sill and grew somewhat!

My ginger rose

My sasanqua camellia continues to delight and add its bright colour to my front garden bed, which is good because while I am looking up at the flowers I can ignore the weeds, multiplying down below.  Out the back the pineapple sage is doing its best to cheer me up while feeding the visiting honey-eaters and my autumn leaves are beginning to cover the back garden, sometimes giving Waddles and Hazel a bit of a scare as one drops down near them.

first lemon of the season

My lemon tree has lemons for me to use to ward off the common colds of winter.  It is always good to have the lemon in production again.  The broad beans need me to tie them up rather urgently so that is one job I will have to find time to do.  Roses are blooming again which is rather lovely  and I have enjoyed my first hot chocolate day.  This is a tradition of my very own whereupon you make yourself a large mug of hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and take outside on a suitable grey cool to cold day.  Then you set yourself down in a comfortable spot in the garden.  In my case this is on my back porch.  You set yourself down as I said before and contemplate….This is a tradition I feel that many could perhaps begin to take as their own. Perhaps in times to come there will be a declared Hot Chocolate Day celebration!  But until the rest of society catches up with me, Hot Chocolate day remains my very own tradition and a very good one at that!

Happy gardening!

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