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March 16th, 2010


Gold Dust Tree (Aucuba japonica 'variegata')

Gold Dust Tree (Aucuba japonica 'variegata')

The Gold Dust Tree



One of my most favourite shrubs, the beautiful Gold Dust Tree, or Japanese Laurel is indispensible for a shady garden like mine.  I love the brilliantly marked leaves they shine and sparkle throughout the year.  Sadly I have only one bush, but I am told by those who know that if you plant two, of both sexes of course, you could get small scarlet fruit, which are produced all through the winter.  But never to mind, the one I do have is very beautiful and quite large for they grow very slowly. 

So if you have a shady grove like me you could enjoy welcoming such a one into your back yard.

Happy gardening!

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