July Plant

July 27th, 2010


The Meyer Lemon

Every garden large or small should have room for a lemon tree.  What would we do without a lemon?  Lemons are the hardist of all the citrus family and there are types to suit all areas and they are very good to grow in tubs!  Large tubs of course!  I love my little lemon tree.  I have a Meyer lemon tree.  The Meyer is an adaptable hybrid more tolerant of climate extremes and my little Meyer is full of lemons for me right now.

I usually leave the fruit on the tree until ripe and pick as I need to.  Lemons can be used to make pomanders – stuck with cloves, rolled in orris root powder (available from health food stores and placed in drawers or wordrobes to scent your clothes.  A lovely thing our grandmothers used to do.  Lemon juice is wonderful for making salad dressing too.  In fact there is heaps of things to do with lemons  – it is hard to understand why they call a dud car a lemon, for lemons are very useful!

The humble lemon tree does not demand much in the way of care, but it does enjoy the sun and is very grateful for a good dob of compost from time to time and a little light feed in the spring or autumn with some quality citrus food.  But the wonderful thing about the lemon is that even if you do nothing too it, it quite often not only survives but thrives.  It certainly deserves to be plant of the month.

Happy gardening!

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