August Plant

August 15th, 2010

Daphne [Thymelaeaceae]

Sweet Daphne

My gorgeously perfurmed and most treasured of shrubs for the winter the Daphne is covered in fragrant flowers at the moment.  The perfume drifts across the yard while I hang out the washing and meets me late in the evening when I go outside to tuck the ducks up in their cosy pen. 

Daphne Odora

Growing daphne can be a heartbreaking job as they will sometimes give up the ghost for no apparent reason and suddenly die, despite all the care you lavish upon them.   What they need is the right spot, no where else will do aparently, and if you find them the place where they are happy, they are very easy plants to care for. 

The Daphne loves morning sunshine, but likes a shady retreat in the afternoon.  These ladies also like a well drained position and don’t like to get too wet, or in the summer too dry – but too wet and they get collar rot, to combat this you need to plant your daphne in a raised garden bed and make sure the root junction is above soil level.  In the summer don’t hover about watering and loving it every day, but let the soil dry out in between the waterings. 

bring a little inside to enjoy

Little Daphne loves, loves, loves old manure or compost gently worked into the surface back around the drip line, but be careful not to dig around to close to the roots, Daphne does not care to be disturbed!  And, whatever you do, do not give her any lime, she does not care for that at all.

Reading over the above, I am amazed at how well my daphne is doing, all things considered.   But, if you can find a spot where they are happy, it is truely a wonderful investment to have a Daphne somewhere near your back door.

Happy Gardening.

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4 Responses to “August Plant”

  1. Bernieh Says:

    Daphne is a real lady … she likes what she likes and that’s that!

    Your shrub looks so lovely … I can only imagine the perfume! Have never grown this … is there a tropical variety that doesn’t mind heat, strong sun, humidity, torrential downpours and dry conditions? Not really lady-like conditions!!

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hi there Bernieh, nice to hear from you. Daphne is a lady & knows her own mind, a little like us 🙂 I don’t think there is a tropical variety, although you could ask at the nursery. Still you get to grow lots of super stuff that I can only dream of.

  3. Cythia Muma Says:

    Thanks. I am always looking for ways to better grow or better prepare the food from my garden. Eating healthier has really helped me keep my waistline in check.

  4. Mandy Says:

    Hi there Cythia, thanks for visiting.

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