April Plant

April 18th, 2010

Camellia Sasanqua

Camellia sasanquas are in flower at the moment; they are one of the early flowering Camellia  family.  They can be recognised by their smaller, sharper foliage and more open habit of growth.  They have a very long flowering period, which, here in Victoria can start as early as late February and extend right through until June.  My beautiful red Sasanqua has just begun to bloom and it heralds the onset of the Camellia season with my other japonica varieties of camellia to follow over the winter.

The sasanqua varieties have single to semi-double flowers with rich yellow stamens, and come in colours ranging from white to paile pink right through to the one I enjoy in my garden, a dark deep red.  Many have a delicious pungent spicy scent, reminiscent of the Spice Isles.

Camellias are not hard to grow provided the soil is acid, well-drained and rich in organic material.  You can grow them in tubs and they are quite tolerant of frost.  The other joy of camellias in general is that you can cut them and bring them inside to enjoy, the bush thrives on this sort of light pruning and it improves branching and growth.

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  1. Bernieh Says:

    Oh I love the colour of your camellia. I noticed camellias in a local nursery just last week … I’m not sure they would survive well up here though. Would they get through months of heat. torrential rain, high humidity followed by a long dry spell?

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