Winter Portrait

July 21st, 2010

My lemon tree is heavy with fruit

Today I will paint a word portrait of my little winter garden.  The Daphne is covered in buds.  Soon the buds will open up into flowers and I can take a few inside to enjoy their scent.  The  pineapple sage is still flowering much to the pleasure of the little honey eaters that love to feed on its flowers.  If you brush up against the bush as you walk on by, or the native mint bush that grows near it you can enjoy their scent as it is only released when the leaves are crushed.  There is nothing so lovely than to pick a leaf, hold it up close and drink in the scent,  exquisite, against the cold, morning air!  One of the delights of an early morning wander about. 

Mahonia - a wrens' delight!

The sky this morning is blue again after days of grey.  Drifts of cloud streaking overhead.  My bowl of hyyacinth are almost flowering!  It is very still.

My lemon tree is heavy with lemons.  The little finches and honey eaters are very busy and so quick flitting about in the pineapple sage.  The ground is very wet, much to the ducks delight!  My red camelia is covered in flowers and a delight to see.  Over in the corner, close to the lemon tree is the Mahonia, also covered in the beautiful long yellow flowers.  These are scented and the birds love to visit this tree also.

my little winter retreat

My garden is not neat and tidy but it is a very busy place full of bird song and growing things.  You can hear the busy little finches and the tiny honeyeater and if you look carefully you can see the bush move, but you have to be patient and wait to catch a quick glimpse of the tiny bird visitors.

This is my winter garden.

PS.  The first of the jonquils are flowering…Spring is on its way!

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