Winter Plants

July 25th, 2010

watching the shadows dance on the bark

In the deep depth of winter the garden can be an interesting place to be.  Some bulbs and tubers flower at this time of year and many shrubs have interesting leaves, flowers or catkins, don’t you just love catkins?  There is nothing quite so lovely as running your fingers along the pussy willow and feeling its little paws.   When all the leaves have fluttered to the ground leaving the large trees bare there is a certain beauty with coloured or twisted stems showing and attractive bark.  The patterns the shadows  spreads across the bare branches and along the trunk are magic!

”]At this time of year you can enjoy the pretty garden pansy and the Iris.  The cyclamen are in the shops right now and who can resist?  My Mahonia is flowering sending out its delicious scent and attracting the little birds.  The first of the snowdrops are out!  No winter garden should be complete without helleborus, those hardy uncomplaining perennials, which flower away and need very little looking after.

Of course we cannot forget the

sweet little violets

little violet!  The hyacinth I planted in a bowl are pushing up and will flower very shortly and the camellia is covered in delicious red flowers which brighten up any dull day!  Out in the nurseries and even to be found in supermarkets are the little primroses, very pretty indeed and available in so many different colours.  I haven’t any as yet but I am very tempted each time I see them.

There is much happening in the winter garden and much enjoyment to be had from the winter plants.

Happy gardening!

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