Trouble in the duck house

July 16th, 2010

RIP -Hazel

Today I have to write a sad blog.  But I have waited to tell you all about it until the story had a happy ending.  Sadly, a few weeks ago my little Hazel Duck died.  We raised Hazel & Waddles from little day old ducklings and I have to say that there were quite a few tears shed by me that day!  Hazel had been the sweetest little duck you can imagine and when I was in the garden it was she who stayed closest to me as I did the weeding, she was always first to come when I called the ducks over to find a treat of a snail or slug. 

Waddles & Hazel, when they were little

But, if I was distressed and upset that was nothing compared to poor little Waddles.  Her whole world had come apart at the seams.  She was beside herself in grief!  When a duck like Waddles is upset she doesn’t take it quietly, oh no, she quacked  and hooted and didn’t want me to go out of her sight!  Every day she became more neurotic and more desperate!  Something had to be done, and that something needed to be a new companion duck.

Waddles meets her new buddy WickWick

After much searching, we were lucky to find a lovely fellow duck owner who was sympathetic to our needs and so we brought home little Wick Wick.  Waddles wasn’t too sure at first and it took a couple of weeks of calm on Wick Wicks’ behalf.  Little Wick Wick is the sweetest duck and now they are best of friends.  Wick Wick seems to be a very calm and gentle duck and we were very lucky to find her.

The gentle little Wick Wick

The gentle little Wick Wick

So, now I have Waddles & Wick Wick to keep me company in the garden as I potter about.  A sad story with a happy ending.

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