Tiptoe through the Tulips

October 13th, 2010

Makes you want to tiptoe right on through!

Last Sunday was a beautiful, spring day and I took myself off up into the Dandenongs, just outside of Melbourne for a drive.  There in the hills the annual Tulip Festival was in full swing.   I stopped to take a look and enjoy the sunshine & colour!

Windmills and blue, blue sky

The tulips were looking fantastic!  Colour that you would not believe!  The festival is on until the 17th October and a visit makes a great day out.  It is like drinking in colour and spring.  I had a lovely time looking at all the mass displays and thought I would share the colour with you all.  Colour temps us all out now that the sun is with us once again!

I think next year, in the autumn a pot of tulips might be just the thing!

But where will I fit the Windmill?

Cheers, and happy gardening!

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