The March Garden

March 1st, 2010

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March is the first month of autumn, and here the nights are getting cooler.  But you have to watch out because even though it is cooler it is still very dry and the wind drys things out even more.  Although March is the first month of autumn you can still get some very hot dry days and very little rain.  It is not really until April that we can begin to feel that the summer is over and can relax on the watering side of things. 

Queen Cleopatra, what a girl!

Queen Cleopatra, what a girl!

There are still a good number of flowers blooming in the garden.  The roses have started to flower again, after their summer pruning, and autumn bulbs, asters and dahlias are at their best.  I have bought myself a beautiful orange-flowered canna, with the romantic name of Queen Cleopatra.  How regal!  I am dreaming of a large clump in a few years time.

Summer is officially over and, although any ground that is not a garden bed is far too hard to dig yet, and even some garden beds are getting a little tricky, it is time to be peeping through the summer catalogues at the spring-flowering bulbs.  Very exciting!

So, another happy month in the garden awaits….

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