The June Garden

June 2nd, 2010

Waddles in Winter

The second day of winter and three months left to prepare the garden for spring.  One of the wonderful things abut living in Southern Australia is the changing seasons.  There are special things about each and every season to look forward to with delight and anticipation.


For me, winter is a time to plan and dream.  It is a time to take stock and decide which things need to be cut back and which mulched down against the cold.  It is a quiet time when a lot of the garden is dormant, so you can make some little changes.  Plants are easier to move during the dormant season.  It must be quite startling for a plant to go to sleep in my garden during winter and wake in spring somewhere quite different! 

Bulbs are pushing up!

One of the best things about gardening is that nothing is constant, you can always make changes.  For me, in an ageing garden with my trees getting taller shade is a real challenge and I am thinking of seeking out the services of a good tree surgeon, who could come in and prune some of my large trees to give them more vigour and to allow more light to come onto the flowerbeds beneath them. 

Must find room for more roses!

New roses come into the nurseries this month, so I might just take the chance to review the rose situation in my garden and make sure that there really is a place to plant more roses before I find myself, once again in the nursery succumbing to the temptation once again. 

The ducks are laying once again.  So, that means cakes are on the menu once again.  Pancakes too.  In fact, the ducks are much more happy now there is more mud about. 

The bulbs I planted last month are beginning to pop up all over the garden.  Very exciting!  The only down side to this time of the year is that some days don’t always look inviting to get on out there.  But I find that once I am out in the garden, maybe with an extra jumper and wooly hat it is just the best place to be!

Happy gardening!

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