The July Garden

July 5th, 2010


my broadbeans are slowly getting taller

A lot of people think of July as a cold and horrible month, and with the cold days of late, I might just be beginning to agree with them.  But, if you rug up properly and wear sensible clothes, winter can be a wonderful time to be in the garden.  One of my little jobs for this month is to take myself off to a large department store, such as KMart, and get myself a good pair of stout boots!  Yes, folks, we have mud.  The ducks are most pleased.  We are having puddles too.   I am looking forward to jumping in puddles with my boots very soon! 

my mini crop of garlic

Overall, if your garden is sheltered form the wind, winter gardening can be an absolute joy!  There is nothing quite like jumping in puddles!  Not that that gets much serious gardening done , and there is plenty of serious gardening to be done this month, with at the very top of the list:  Pruning!

tiny red roses

When I first started ‘serious’ gardening, that is more than just pulling out the weeds, I used to get a bit muddled about just when to prune the various plants in my garden.  But now I have simplified it down to a general rule of thumb, which is to prune after the plant has flowered.  The exceptions to this rule are roses and hydrangeas.  Because they have such long flowering seasons, extending from spring and summer through to autumn, the best time to prune is when they are winter dormant and that is during July.

So, having wiped down my secateurs with a little meth. spirits, I am off out into the gentle winter sunshine to prune some roses!

Happy gardeining!

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