The Changing Seasons

May 24th, 2010

It is in the autumn, after summer drought,  that the yearly life cycle of plants in my garden begins anew.  It is like the awakening in spring that follows winter dormancy.    As I write, in late autumn, the day is radiant and warm, with a blue sky and garden work is a joy.  It is such a nice autumn. 

Winter is on is way with its periods of rain alternating with sunny if not really warm days.  There will be day after day of winds which will howl about outside making you want to close all the windows and turn inward.  This is the time you appreciate the solid walls of your house.  But most of the time winter here is no time to stay inside for more than a day or two.  You can rug up,  get outside and get stuck into raking up leaves for your compost.  My fingers do get a little chilly but on the whole I like working outside more at this time of the year than the summer.

The ducks & I were having fun under the lemon tree today.  They also love to help with raking up the leaves, you never know what may be under – maybe a juicy snail.

Happy gardening!

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