The August Garden

August 2nd, 2010

Primulas cheer you on a dull day

August means the primulas are flowering – and primulas grown by the front door mean good luck to all inside.  Naughty, malicious fairies won’t go past a bed of primulas – they stay and play amongst them instead.  That is the fairy lore, and whether you believe it or not you cannot argue that the blaze of colour that the primulas add to a garden on a dreary winter’s day will cheer anyone up.

rosemary in full flower

My Rosemary bush is flowering right now as well, and Rosemary is the herb of friendship and remembrance.  The scent of rosemary really does stimulate most peoples’ memory, in folklore it is an emblem of remembrance.  A bush of rosemary by the back door means you have always got a very handy herb for seasoning your lamb.  I like to put a bunch of rosemary under the chicken when I pop it into the oven.  The subtle scent is wonderful and flavours the bird right through.


Another plant that is flowering in my garden now are the Proteas.  These perennial shrubs are suitable for most areas, but it is best to choose one suited to your very own.  They are one of the glories of autumn and winter, with great massive blooms that you would pay several dollars each for at the florist – but nothing at all if you grow your own. 

The jonquils are out now and the camellias are still covered in flowers.  The small violets are still smiling in amongst their leaves and the hellebores are looking very happy.  It is a busy time in the garden with much to see and enjoy

Happy gardening.

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2 Responses to “The August Garden”

  1. Bernieh Says:

    Hi Mandy … the Primulas look lovely … not something that will grow here unfortunately. I just love your Protea … again that’s a plant that won’t grow up here in the humidity and heat. I can just imagine your Jonquils and Camellias in bloom … such a lovely sight.
    Right now our winter temps. are decidedly warm … most days it’s around 25 deg C and we’re still getting lots of dreary overcast days.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hi there Bernieh, good to hear from you! I guess that there are things that I can grow that wont do in the tropics but you guys have super exciting stuff to grow that def. won’t grow down here. And it is pretty cold & windy down here right now. Yesterday’s top temp was 9…brrrrrr!!!

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