Pleasure Gardens

October 28th, 2010

Waddles comes down to help

Long ago the early Romans had pleasure gardens full of fragant herbs.  Today herbs and herb gardens are regaining popularity as many more people realise the almost limitless ways they can be used to enhance our lives.  How wonderful it is to wander out into your back yard and cut some fresh rosemary to cook with your lamb. 

Aloe vera - used for burns bites stings & rashes

Herbs are used in many ways – in cooking, as medicines, to repel household pests, or simply to increase the beauty and pleasure of the garden.  So, herbs are life-enhancing.  Culinary herbs increase the pleasure of cooking and the enjoyment of eating.  Also using fresh herbs in everyday cooking can act as a preventative medicine, ensuring that sufficient amounts of necessary vitamins and minerals are included in the diet.

Lemon Balm -makes a delicious lemon tea

The majority of herbs are easy to grow, even for a beginner, like me.  In fact, some of mine seem to thrive on neglect.  Herbs don’t have to be stuck away in a corner somewhere, they can be scattered among other plants.  They are beautiful as well as practical. 

I began with a few herbs, ones I knew I would use in the kitchen.  I planted them close to the back door because I knew that I would use them more if I didn’t have to go far to get them.  When I ran out of space there, I did the same out near the front door.  The best time for planting is spring and early summer – so right now is a good time to begin your pleasure gardens. 

Happy gardening!

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