On the Wild Side

November 9th, 2010

After all the wonderful rain that we have had lately the sun has come out, the soil has warmed up and the weeds have become wild!  Time to tame them!  How many tedious hours I am spending beavering away lately, but it is all good, it happens every year!  The ducks come out and help too, the freshly turned soil just has to have some interesting little treats for them!

Waddles loves to help in the garden

About two or three years ago I discovered sugar cane mulch!  Around about this time of the year it is time to get a few bales and spread them about over the recently weeded areas, it is really super in the vege patch and most effective at keeping the weeds under control.

The broad beans are being harvested now and are a very tasty treat at dinner.  It is a bit late, but I am putting in some tomatoes and some carrot seeds.  The rhubarb is very tasty at this time of the year and gives us the pleasure of rhubarb and apple crumbles topped with a big blob of cream.  Yum!!  I have left some lemons on the lemon tree, so lemon delicious pudding still makes it onto the table too.  Ahh, the pleasures of the harvest!

Rhubarb -for the crumble

It is such a treat to have our own supply of vegetables, herbs, lemons and eggs fresh from the garden.  Not only is the produce organic, it is also immensely satisfying to grow your own food.

Happy gardening!

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