March Jobs

March 9th, 2010

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March is the month for planting sweetpea seed!  St. Patricks day is said to be the best day for that – so I need to look about for a likely place where the sweet little peas will get plenty of sunshine!  I have never planted them before but I might just give them a go! 

GardenFeb2010 028In the vege patch the tomatoes are nearly finished and in the next week or two I will be pulling out the old plants and getting the patch cleaned up and ready for planting out some broad beans and swiss chard etc.  Last year I tried pulling the plants before all the tomatoes had finished and hung the plant upside down over the fence, the tomatoes continued growing red and juicy and I was able to dig about and do what needed to be done to prepare for the next winter crop, it worked very well, so I might just do that this year too.  Then  the compost must be put on and  all compost bins emptied ready for the autumn leaves to fall and me to pick them up and have somewhere to put them.  I have a few other plans for the vege patch as well.  But I will let you know how I get along.

GardenMarch10 028March is also the beginning of the big bulb planting madness!!  One that I love to indulge in!  I have big plans to head out and get some bulbs very soon!  It is a tough job – but someone has to do it!  So, a busy month ahead, and the month is almost half way through already, I had better get going!!

Well, happy gardening!

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  1. Luke Says:

    Hey there, i was looking at my tomatoes this year, it was the first time that i have planted some. I Didnt realise that they died off at the end of the season. they were doing so well. Ah well still got a few tomatoes anyway so it was worth it 😉

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