Magical Flowers

July 18th, 2010

Flowers cheer us

I love flowers!  They are truely magic!  Flowers are irresistible to birds, bees, butterflies and me!  Flowers make us think of love, passion, peace, beauty and harmony.  They are perhaps the most powerful of all human symbols.  We set off to visit friends in hospital with a bunch of flowers to cheer them.  Flowers are present at births and funerals.  No bride is complete without a garland of flowers in her hair or a bouquet and  nothing quite cheers a room like a few flowers placed lovingly into a vase.

Flowers smile at us as we pass

Flowers make the world a much more beautiful place to be.  They smell good and good smells make you feel happier.  You can tell the seasons from which flowers are in your garden or simply from the florist you pass on the way to work.  Daffodils in spring and roses in summer, chrysanthemums for Mother’s Day. 

If you want birds in your garden plant masses of flowers, especially the many grevilleas and sages.  They will attract the butterflies too. 

Memories are made of flowers!  The violets that grew in your mothers garden, the flowers you were given at your child’s birth, the rose bush you grew from a cutting given to you by a very dear friend.  Flowers make you smile!

Well, I am off out to bring in a bunch of flowers for my desk.

Happy gardening!

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