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January 17th, 2010

Being in a garden is relaxing

Being in a garden is relaxing

A garden, any garden is surely one of life’s happy places.  Just being in a garden provides joy and tending your very own garden, be it a pot plant or a back yard provides a creative outlet.  In life it is the simplest of things that make us happiest.  Standing in your garden – no matter how small – in the soft, early morning light on a hot summer morning is a perfect pleasure.  Bringing out that early morning coffee to enjoy under the shade of a Chestnut tree and listening to birds and the sound of a little creek is relaxing and helps put any troubles into perspective. 

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I used to think that no season could surpass spring for anticipation and the joy of watching the garden come to life.  But just this morning, while sitting with my early Sunday morning coffee the pure scent of gardenia washed over me and I noticed all the buds that had been ready to come out had bloomed and the perfume was amazing.  The roses and lavenders are all full and lush and I have now decided that summer must be the most voluptuous season of the entire year!  Mind you the true test of any garden or gardener is just around the corner – the hot dry February to come.

GardenJan2010 050The creation of beautiful surroundings enhances quality of life in countless ways.    The mental health value of gardening is well known to those who practise garden-making.  Anyone who has worked or walked in a garden, watched plants grow or spent hours dreaming of creating a cool, calming oasis of beauty will attest to the emotional benefits of gardening. Time seems to slow when you are outside working with plants, and you slow down and relax also.  I love working in my garden trying to create an enchanting retreat, a happy place, with plants.

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