July Jobs

July 13th, 2010

Lately the weather has been just wonderful to be outside and busy in the garden.  Of course the big job of the month is pruning the roses.  But, before I head out to do that I like to give a little attention to my tools.  Cleaning and sharpening helps a great deal to give good clean cuts.  I love cutting back roses.  It is always so very satisfying.  Neat and tidy!  It is always amazing to watch those little buds come out into leaves later in the spring. 

mini roses - mini joy!

Another little job I do at this time of the year is spread lime on the vege patch.  When you feed your garden regularly with compost, manure and all those yummy things that gardens love you will find that gradually the soil can become more acid.  So it is always a good idea to compensate for this by an application of lime.  Midwinter is a good time to do this for winter rains will leach the lime further into the soil.

ducks are expert at pottering

Some people fiddle about with the soil around the bottom of their hydrangeas round about now.  I am quite happy with my pink hydrangea, but I know that if I wanted blue, for a change, I could add aluminium sulphate to the soil: 1 heaped tablespoon per square measure and then watered in well.  I would need to repeat the whole application again in August and then in October.  But this sort of magic I can do without.  Pink is fine with me.

Other than the roses and cutting back some other little treasures that have overgrown their space,  I will just continue to potter happily.  July is a very good month to potter and ponder.

Happy gardening!

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