In the Vege patch

October 25th, 2010

The patch

Early in March this year I planted out my little vege square with, mostly, Broad Beans [Vicia faba].   This high-protein, cool-season bean is an excellent soil improver, and can only be completely enjoyed if your grow your own.  The home grown broad bean is totally unlike the frozen variety you get from the supermarket or even the sad sort of things available fresh at the fresh food section.  You can start eating them fresh from the garden when they are small and tender, when you eat the whole pod, or you can wait, hard to do but worthwhile, until they are larger and you shell them and eat the beans inside.

the black & white flowers of the broad beans

As broad beans prefer slightly alkaline soil, I added a little lime, earlier in the growing season.  Apart from that, they are very easy to grow.  Wind can sometimes be a problem and you need to bang in some stakes and tie them back a bit, to give them some support.  It is very sad to see them lying on the ground after a strong wind.  A very sad sight!  So, it pays to take the time to tie them up to some sort of support.


Of course, this is the busy time of the year for planting veges and there are many tiny plants or seeds that can go in now.  I shall be putting a few carrot seeds into the ground, perhaps some beetroot, some basil to go with the tomatoes and the tomatoes, of course!

If I can get hold of the seeds I will put in some spagetti melons, I grew them a few years ago and they were wonderful!

Still, all that is planing, what I need to do is to get on out there and do it!

Happy gardening!

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