Gardening the Serendipity Way

March 3rd, 2010

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Dreaming has a great deal to do with gardening.  Some of the best ideas come to mind while standing at a window, cup of tea in hand, contemplating.  Sometimes a walk with the cup of tea in hand is required.  But dreaming is essential! 

GardenMarch10 012My favourite time in the garden is in the early morning light, with no one about but me, the birds, the mists and the dew and this is the best time for dreaming and planning, for me at least!  Sometimes the best features in any garden happen by chance.  Two plants team together, often without my permission – and the combination works well, this is called serendipity!  Happy coincidences!   Wonderful!  But, planning does have its place.


GardenMarch10 002One of the things I like to do is to go inside the house and view the garden through the windows.  It gives you another dimension to garden planning – thinking of what you will see when you are washing up the dishes, or how the view from the lounge into the garden will lift your mood when you are sitting on a wet winter afternoon.  How will it look from there….

But the thing to remember is that a garden is never finished.  It is always changing!  Nothing is forever!  Whatever you do is to please yourself and no one else.  Plans, drawn to scale can be a really useful tool.  Saving money and time in the end but they are worth nothing at all if you never dream.

Happy gardening.

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