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March 30th, 2010

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March is nearly over, and this month in Melbourne we have had a mixed bag of weather!  From grey damp days that made the garden subdued, or was it just me, to hot and relentlestly sunny.  To complete the mixed bag we had huge hailstones, that broke roof tiles and stripped all leaves from some trees!  The days leading up to the storm I had been hoping for some heavy rain to renew my flagging garden, but I had not wanted it quite so heavy!  Waddles and Hazel are still a bit spooked!  But then when you are a duck most things are a bit scary, especially at this time of the year!

GardenMarch10 007As we move from summer and the days shorten, the mornings are delightfully cool and it is a treat just to be outside in the garden early after a drop of rain the night before has made it all smell just wonderful!  Perhaps autumn is not quite here yet, but it is coming and the temperatures will soon start to drop.  It is safe to visit a nursery and buy something without fearing that it may burn up if you plant it out!   What bliss!  The autumn colour is beginning to show as I drive about the hills of home.

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I am just about finished clearing up after the storm, it took a few weekends, and I still have to do a little repair pruning on some bushes.  I needed to buy new buckets and a watering can as they were torn to shreds.  The creek out back turned into a torrent that Saturday and took with it a lot of my top soil and a couple of plants, but being sheltered in my little shady grove my tall trees protected my roof from the worst of the hail and all I lost was my sky light.  In fact hardly any Sky lights managed to cope and Bunnings have a waiting list, still. 3 weeks later! 

GardenMarch10 015So a very exciting month – weather wise!  What will April bring?  Well, I am off out to fertilise my azaleas, all of whom are looking much the worse for wear after a long hot summer, will they pull through?  Who can tell.  But my sasanqua camellia is covered in buds, the bulbs are all pushing their way up and I have plenty of room in my compost bin for those leaves that are about to fall!

Happy gardening!

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