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March 25th, 2010

A small treasure

A small treasure

Why do we all love to have and tend our gardens?  I believe it is the love of growing things.  It is the excitement of watching the wonders of Nature unfold before our eyes.  To watch those first green sprouts of the bulbs we planted months ago and almost forgot about!  To see the fascinating results of a tiny seed yielding its beauty.  To feel the earth under our hands and get down and dirty! 

my lemon tree

my lemon tree

In Wind in the Willows Ratty enjoyed mucking about in the river, on the river and in a very similar way I enjoy mucking about in the garden in amongst the weeds and plants.  Digging amongst the rosemary enjoying the heady fragrance as I work!  Feeling the earth – feeling connected. 

Rest for a while in your garden and let your thoughts wander at random to ponder on its beauty.  You will be surprised at how relaxed you will feel after a short time.  Think of all the creatures we find in our gardens – the beauty of the butterfly, the swift flight of the birds, the joy of hearing them chatter and sing, the minute insects under stones and plants, our hardworking friend the earthworm.


GardenFeb2010 006


My garden is not an award winning one, but it is a garden made with Love, with a capital ‘L’  – sometimes the ‘L’ stands for Learner!  I am always learning – the garden can teach you many things, and not just about plants!  A garden can teach you patience, it shows you how to look carefully and notice small things.  It is alway full of surprises and little joys.  If you allow it, you will learn how to slow down to the pace of life as it should be lived, one season at a time.  

Happy gardening!

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