August 17th, 2010

I have been having heaps of fun over the last few months experimenting with cuttings.  You don’t really need money to enjoy gardening.  My cuttings have provided me with plants for free.  Of course, visiting a nursery and buying plants there is fun too, but gardens do not have to be bought.  They can be collected, with love and happiness, just as our mothers and their mothers did,  way back in a chain that goes back thousands of years.  In fact, even today, friendships are made through garden clubs and chats over fences where cuttings are exchanged.  It is a great way to meet neighbours!

my cuttings growing well

Garden plants need not cost a lot or even anything at all if you grow it yourself.  Start with a cutting or a seed and you have got a plant for nothing!  I have a tiny nursery outside the back door.  It is the place where I stick cuttings and seeds into pots, it is not tidy and neat but it is a place where I experiment and have fun.  One of the best things about cuttings and seeds is that you can afford to experiment – if it drops dead it doesn’t really matter, you haven’t lost anything, but when it grows, it makes you feel really excited.  I am always amazed and excited when the seeds I plant begin to shoot up. 

If you use non hybrid seed then you can save the seed from the plants you grow to use again the next season.  This is real old fashioned gardening at its best. 

Happy gardening!

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