Ducks & Daylight Saving

April 28th, 2010


Daylight saving brings many problems and it is hard, when you are a duck, to get used to change.  It has been round about a month since we changed over and moved our clocks back an hour.  Everyone has got used to the winter hours now, except my ducks.  Now when I come home I find Waddles and Hazel crowding round on the top step quacking away for me to walk them over into the safety of their little duck house.  The neighbours are beginning to notice!  It is the afternoon that is the problem.  Waddles, Hazel & I have come to an agreement about the morning…they get let out at the same time as they did in summer.   It looks like being a long winter.  I have tried doing it gradual  …over a weekend, but the ducks will have none of it.  So, I struggle on.  I am sure we will get there in the end.  I baked a batch of biscuits for my neighbour, and explained the situation, he was very understanding.  It could be worse he said, it could be a rooster, they crow on the full moon, he informed me.

Hazel & Waddles when they were little

Yes, ducks are wonderful as pets but they do have their little habits and being locked up at 4 is one of them at the moment.  I should however get them used to the little change in routine by the end of winter.   Still, gardening with ducks is heaps of fun.  They love to be right in the thick of it when I am weeding, or doing just about anything outside.  They even mooch about at my feet while I do the boring things, like hanging out the washing.  They eat all the snails and slugs, while adding their very own fertilizer, just to be extra helpful.

We hand reared our ducks, brought them home when they were just one day old.  They have been lots of fun ever since.

Happy gardening!

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