Charlie & his friends

July 30th, 2010


I had some visitors today while I ate my lunch on the deck.  Some Sulfur-crested Cockatoos dropped in.  Charlie and his friends.  They drop by from time to time, I think they find my antics in the garden quite amusing!  They love to sit up in the Chestnut tree at this time of the year as they eat the new buds growing on the tree.  I think they also like the vista they have from the tree while it has no leaves. 

one of Charlie's friends

Charlie & his friends are noisy neighbours and like nothing more than waking me up very early in the morning.  But you can’t help but like them.  They love to sweep across the sky and seem to love to have fun and play with each other.  They can get up to all sorts of trouble though and think nothing of chewing at the woodwork around my windows.  Naughty boys!

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