Brunch & a Chat

January 24th, 2010

Brunch is served

Brunch is served

Welcome to my garden! I have been very busy outside this morning harvesting my tomatoes and pulling out some weeds here and there. I have been pottering about and time just got away from me, but in a very nice way. I could hear little noises from the duck shed telling me it was time for Waddles & Hazel to come outside to start their day. So, I let them out and decided to make some pancakes with their contrubution of eggs and to make a bit of an event of it by brunching outside and enjoying the garden. So, here I sit with the day before me and the gentle peace of the garden surrounding me.

Chuckles drops in with some friends

Chuckles drops in with some friends

So far the summer has been gentle to my garden and my water tank is full.  It is cool this morning and the scent of the native mint is competing with the lovely smell of early morning coffee.  I can just sit back and watch the day unfold.  Hazel and Waddles have trotted down to their little pond and are just about to slip in to have their morning splash.  The rosellas are up in the Chestnut tree making little noises, just so I know that there is no seed on their seed tray.  Suddenly, Chuckles swoops down with a couple of friends to see if I am having something they might like to share.  But they are not impressed with my pancakes!  The ferns are green and lush and some little finches are playing about in and around the fushias.  High overhead the cockatoos swoop and screech, and quietly in the background the creek bubbles along its way to a larger river downstream.

GardenJan2010 012

I look through the paper and decide to head off on a drive later and take a peep at a few nurserys and markets I might pass on the way.  There is no hurry though, I will just let the day unfold slowly.

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2 Responses to “Brunch & a Chat”

  1. Gardener Says:

    They look like very tasty pancakes! That’s a great photo of the three kookaburras, hope you find something nice at the nursery.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hey there,
    They were very tasty and I had a lovely day out driving about. I came back with a pretty Crepe Mytle which I found a little corner for. Thanks for taking the time to share my blog and making a comment.

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