Blue Autumn Skies

May 11th, 2010

A cheerful garden under the bluest of autumn skies has been begging for my attention.  So, for the past few days it has been me and the ducks pottering about.  It was wonderful to be outside and it occured to me, once again, that it is the garden that teaches me what ‘gardening’ is really all about.  A garden can help us to connect our dreams with the natural world around us.  Gardening connects us to the natural world and slows us down to the pace of life as it should be lived.  As you work away in your own little Eden the seasons become your teacher.  You get to know the plants more intimately and learn about their likes and dislikes, as you do with friends.

I like to feel that gardeners who live and work in harmony with their surroundings make a valuable investment in the living green mantle of Earth which sustains all life by providing shelter, food, and even the air we breathe.  I certainly feel more in harmony myself if I have had my ‘garden therapy’ for the week.

Autumn is a very busy planting time for me.   I have moved towards mediterranean, drought tolerant plants that need little water, and  I have found that these plants planted in autumn become established over winter, watered by the beneficial winter rains.  In the summer that follows, many are able to manage on their own, helped by ample mulch, while a few still need the bi-weekly water to survive the hottest summeer months. 

So, I have been away from the computer and busy as a bee out under the slowly changing colours of the autumn leaves.  Waddles and Hazel have been having heaps of fun in the puddles that have been abundant lately with the rain, and to make things even more exciting – we are beginning to find more …snails!  Well, I am off to rake up a few more leaves for the compost!

Happy gardening.

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