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August 8th, 2010

Aquilegia (the sweet little Columbine)

There is much to do in August.  For a beginning I need to get out and buy some Aquilegia seedlings.  I just love these flowers and now is the time to plant them.  They are very rewarding too as they seem to self seed in the garden, but, I need more in different colours!  You can also plant out snapdragons, foxglove and larkspur if the mood takes you.  Yes, folks, time to get ready for spring!

broad beans in my vege patch

I also need to get busy in my humble vege plot.  Looking a little worse for wear at the moment.  I intend to follow up the dolomite lime I put on last month with some cow or sheep manure.  Of course, first to find a cow or sheep!  So, a trip out to the country must be planed, where you just might happen to  drive past the signs that say  Cow Manure $5 a bag.  My children won’t come on these trips with me any more, even though I keep it a secret as to the real purpose of the trip, they complain about the smell in the car on the way home.  So it will be a lonely trip for me.  Should I still take the picnic lunch?  The up side is that there will be no one to complain should I take in a couple of nurserys on the way. 


Did you know that you can buy Dynamic Lifter in tablets?  While wandering around in Bunnings I discovered this.  The packet assured me that they are totally organic slow release fertiliser.  But I did not purchase any because, well, truth to tell, it just didn’t feel right to just put one tablet under my tree.  I enjoy forking around under the lemon to loosen the soil and then spreading the bag of whatever on top.  To tell the truth I even enjoy the smell.  A tablet just won’t do the same thing for me, never mind the tree!

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