A Blossom tale

June 23rd, 2010

meet the bulb

It is Winter now.  Cold and Grey.  But early in Autumn a small bulb, called Hyacinth was cradled neatly given a cool drink and a kiss for luck, then tucked away in a cool dark cupboard.  Time moved on as it always does.  Blossom thought she had been abandoned!  Poor wee little thing.

Behold- a green leaf!

The weeks past, and it was true that she had been forgotton.  But then….What is this?  Could it be a little green leaf?  Wonder of Wonders…Blossom had been found again.  ‘Out of the cupboard with you’, a voice cried.  And out she came.  She stood close to a window and grew and stretched towards the sun.

can this be a blue flower?

She began to shoot up a blue flower.  Yes, she was blue!  Indeed, she was a proud blue Hyacinthas, called Blossom, much loved and admired by all who passed her way.  Stop, she seemed to say, to anyone who would listen.  ‘Come close enjoy my fragrance’.  And that is just what we do!  Isn’t she lovely?  And becomming more lovely as each day passes. 

never mind the roses, smell me!

Blossom brightens up my winter days!

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