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Magic in the Garden

December 10th, 2009

Today is warm and sunny – just calling you outside to enjoy the garden. I have just been for my morning walk around looking for new treasures in my garden. Magic happens everyday in the garden, but you have to look for it. 

 Wilbur the Wizard

I like to make little pictures in my garden to stimulate the imagination.
When I went for my walk today I noticed the Salvias are flowering always a joy! I am becoming addictied to salvias, they are such a useful plant to have and the varieties are endless. The birds love them also. When you have salvias in the garden you will have birds come to visit to enjoy their nectar.  I have a picture of one with its fat rosette of grey-green hairty leaves, out of which spring tall spays of intense blue flowers.  Absolutely fabulous!

The birds love to visit this plant

The birds love to visit this plant

You really can’t go wrong with a few salvias in the garden, they are hardy and seem to cope with less water than most other plants.  They have colours of every hue: yellow, pink, red and shades of blue.  Most good nurseries now carry quite a range.  Often you will find that the labels say drought-tolerant, most salvias seem to have this quality and so are a handy addition, add some to your garden, the birds will thank you for it.

Colour in the garden always adds magic too.  That is where pots really come into their own.  Always remember that pots are mobile, so move them.  I have put these orchards down under the porch to brighten up this shady and forgotten area of the garden, also when I look over the rail in the evening I can enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Enjoy your flowers

Enjoy your flowers

I really enjoy moving my pots about, it revamps your whole garden and can give you a whole new look. 

Well, its time to head on out into the day I need to dead-head some more roses to keep them flowering and maybe cut a few to enjoy inside for a day or two.

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