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November Plant

November 24th, 2010


You just can’t go past the humble nasturtium if you want a bang for your buck.  This little number will cover ugly tree stumps, climb up [and cover] banks or spill out in a very pretty almost dainty way over the edge of tubs or pots.  It can be used as a pretty ground cover for garden beds and gives those tough weeds a bit of a run for their money.  Because this pretty little piece is almost as tough as they are!   They thrive on neglect, in fact if you overwater them or feed them too much fertiliser they will bolt.

the nasturtiums are the orange ones!

Flowers come in shades of red, yellow, pink, cream and of course orange!  Even if you have never planted a seed in your entire life these are the seeds to begin with.  You just cannot go wrong.  In fact if you have any little children about, planting nasturtium seeds would be a fun introduction to gardening and the joy of planting a tiny seed.  These seeds always come up and show their pretty little flat circular leaves. 

As a bonus, the flowers and the leaves are edible and look just super in salads with the leaves giving a bit of zing!  A very trendy addition to any salad!

Happy gardening!

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March Plant

March 16th, 2010


Gold Dust Tree (Aucuba japonica 'variegata')

Gold Dust Tree (Aucuba japonica 'variegata')

The Gold Dust Tree



One of my most favourite shrubs, the beautiful Gold Dust Tree, or Japanese Laurel is indispensible for a shady garden like mine.  I love the brilliantly marked leaves they shine and sparkle throughout the year.  Sadly I have only one bush, but I am told by those who know that if you plant two, of both sexes of course, you could get small scarlet fruit, which are produced all through the winter.  But never to mind, the one I do have is very beautiful and quite large for they grow very slowly. 

So if you have a shady grove like me you could enjoy welcoming such a one into your back yard.

Happy gardening!

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Plant of the Month

December 16th, 2009

The Fuchsia

Long ago the Fuchsia was the first garden plant I fell in love with.  I remember dancing the little flowers on my hand pretending they were beautiful dancing fairies.  A Fuchsia was the first plant that I struck and I watched it growing roots right before my eyes within the glass of water I had put on the window ledge.  It seemed like magic to watch those roots form.   There are over 500 named varieties and they are all just as pretty as the ones above.

beautiful schrub covered in flowers

Fuchsia triphylla

More than 500 different ones and they flower continuously from late spring well into winter.  Perfect for cool, semi-shaded positions.  They absolutely adore compost, can’t seem to get enough of the stuff, and they repay you for your care and attention (of which they do not require much) with heaps of beautiful flowers.  The sort of flowers that add magic to any garden.

Fuchsia X 'Lena'

Fuchsia X 'Lena'

Perfect for bush houses and hanging baskets.  In a hanging basket the flowers cascade down to dance in the breeze and lighten your heart.

In the winter they need to be pruned and the prunings can be struck to supply you with more plants.  If you do this you will have lovely Christmas Presents you can give to friends and relations.   I hope you can find some spot in your garden to enjoy a dancing queen, the Fuchsia.

The Dancing Queen

The Dancing Queen

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