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Mandy’s Mini Missions for June

June 29th, 2010


Yes, folks they are all mini missions at the moment!  It is cold and wet outside, so you don’t want to be out there longer than you need to be!  Well, some days anyway!  I set myself up for those days when you don’t have very much time, back in January with a beautiful, romantic basket full of things you might need for that quick mini gardening session.  This basket has had to give way to a more practical, for winter at least, bucket! 

The basket worked well all summer, but it is true that as the seasons change, the contents of your 5 minute garden basket needs to change.  Gone is the water saving crystals, there seems to be plenty of water out there now!  Now it contains secateurs; gardening gloves; my trusty hook and little chop stick [for loosening soil in and around pot plants and for planting cuttings].  Also, a little winter addition of some plastic bottles with their bottoms chopped off!  Chopping the bottoms off can be a little hobby for indoors!  What, you might ask, do I use these plastic bottles for?  Well, when Jack Frost is about, they can come in very handy to put over small tender plants that might be harmed by nasty ol’ Jack!   

In fact, part of the 5 minute garden time, late in the day is to head outside and put these covers on, then the next day, while letting out the ducks, I take them off again.  Of such exciting chores is my day made up!  This morning, a little snail had climbed to the top of one of these bottles, much to the ducks delight!  I poked him out with my trusty chop stick and called the girls over, ‘First one to get here gets the prize!’ I said. 

Mulching your plants with spoiled hay or straw or autumn leaves helps to protect your plants from frost also.  It is a bit like tucking them up in their little beds, it helps to keep them nice and warm. 

Happy gardening!

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