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Bean Feast

November 16th, 2010

The harvest!

The broad bean harvest is in full swing and we are enjoying broad beans with every other dinner at the moment.  Yummy!  Nothing beats the flavour of freshly harvested, home grown vegetables.  Growing your own vegetables gives you far greater control over what is eaten and, in particular, the flavour.  I love shelling the beans in their fluffy soft little home.  Out they pop.  We sometimes make it a family thing, sitting together and shelling the beans.  My favourite way to cook them is to steam them just lightly – less than 3 min usually does it, then I drain them and pop in just a little butter, and then on to the plate!

bean feast!

Now, I am busy planting tomatoes, a little late this year because of all the rain, and also, just because, life sometimes gets a little busy.  Roma is my favourite but I have a couple of new varieties to try this year as well. 

Well, I am off to pick some beans!  Happy gardening!

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The October Garden

October 1st, 2010

Bearded Iris

The weather is getting warmer, and there is now no good excuse to stop getting out into the garden.  The nurseries look wonderful at this time of the year and are stuffed full of flowering plants to tempt one into impulse buying.  I try to avoid this by making a list, but find myself giving in and coming home with something I had not planned on at all.  Last weekend I come home with three beautiful flowering plants that require full sun, when the only spaces I have are in the shade! What was I thinking?

Broad beans

Out in the vege patch the broad bean plants are covered in flowers, which will soon turn into juicy broad beans.  Can hardly wait! This is probably the most important month for sowing or planting vegetables.  Ahead is at least six months growing weather, so it is important to get on out there and plant, plant plant!   The ducks are laying every day now and we can enjoy egg sandwiches, egg mcMuffins, cakes and all things eggy!

The soil is pretty much warmed up now and although we are still having some quite cold nights the threat of frosts are becoming a thing of the past.  The days are longer now too making it much easier to find a little time in the late afternoon for a bit of pottering about.  The roses I cut back have all got beautiful new growth and some even have tiny buds.  They look at me as I pass them in the driveway and call silently for some fertilizer such as blood and bone. 


Out the back it is all looking a bit the worse for wear.  I need to get busy and tidy it all up.  Pots tend to dry out with great speed during this time of the year and can be drooping before you know it, so it is back to a watering program to be fitted into my daily routine.  Other than that it is weed heaven out there, so I have to get on to them.

Well, the sun is calling me and I must be off and out and doing!

Happy gardening!

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Autumn Days

April 20th, 2010

Autumn colours are at their best at the moment.  I have not got around to that walk in amongst the tall autumn trees in the nearby hills as yet but it is high on my agenda as the autumn colour season passes so very quickly.   But there is less time to garden in the evenings now.  So that means most of the work outdoors must be done on the weekend.  This leaves little time to get on with things, and there is so much to do!

I have been very busy emptying the compost bins and using the contents for mulching and digging in to improve my soil.  Garden compost does the soil a power of good, and using it up at this time of the year makes room for more material, which is on its way, in the form of autumn leaves.  Then the next batch of compost is ready for the spring!

My baby broad beansMy broad beans have started to come up!  So my vege patch is not looking quite so bare.  I will add a few garlic bulbs quite soon.  It is nearly time to harvest what is left of my basil for it will not survive when the weather gets colder.  I do this by having one  last beautiful feast of pasta with my basil & cream sauce, served with, of course a lovely red.  Then I take all the rest of the leaves & freeze in ice cube trays topped up with water.  Then when I need some fresh basil over winter I have just to pop in a cube from the freezer.  The next best thing really!

I have been having lots of birds visiting my garden lately, beautiful garden friends, garden birds are a joy.  The little finches love to splash about in the little water bath I put out for them and I can watch them from my kitchen window.  They are so cute, but don’t stay in the one spot for a quick picture, unlike the rosellas & parrots.

Any way I am off out to pick some basil, while I can.

Cheers, and happy gardening!

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