Happy new 2011

January 2nd, 2011

pansies in the sunshine

A new year – and time to give thanks for all my blessings. -My health, toes that wiggle; fingers ready to do my bidding.  The health of all my loved ones – their smiles and their love that surrounds me.  My friends -to share a coffee and a laugh with; to talk to on the phone; to go see a movie with; to share good times together with.

a gift from my garden

My home and garden, all the pleasures they provide for me from day to day.  My very own place filled with my treasures.  A place where I can do whatever I wish.  My home shelters my dreams.  I have a roof to protect me from the weather, a kitchen, and quiet places to sit and relax with friends and family or when I need time to myself. 

I give thanks also for my eyes and the ability to see all the beauty the world places around me every single day.  All the colours – flowers; green leaves; dark red roses.  The shapes and textures, the lines you can follow with your eyes.  The sky at night filled with stars – last night a crescent moon!  And words, all the words my eyes have read, all the smiles my eyes have seen.

Thank you.

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