Watching the garden grow

January 17th, 2011

Watching the garden change with the seasons is a true pleasure in life!   Watching the seasons change and small plants grow and become what they are meant to become.  Observation – taking note – this is at the heart of successful gardening.  Your garden has a lot of lessons for you. 

new veges to try

Time spent gardening should be a pleasure.  For me it is often done in spurts.  Little mini missions out into the garden, the odd 10 minutes, a relaxed wander out into the garden with secateurs and a trowel.  I am finding that learning how to garden is a healthy exercise.  It helps me to reduce my stress levels and is immensely satisfying.  Last year I began to make new plants from old.  I think that making new plants is becoming an addictive hobby in itself!  You gain a real sense of satisfaction from seeing your own cuttings thrive or watching apparently lifeless seeds develop into healthy plants.  If you plant seeds you have a much greater variety of plants to choose from for the vege patch.  Things you could never get down at the supermarket.  The last visit to one of my many favourite nurseries I came back with seeds for some Asparagus pea, aparently these pods are cooked whole and taste a little like asparagus.  I also got some Vegetable spaghetti seeds which when it grows looks like a marrow but when you cook it the strands separate and can be used like spaghetti or noodles.  Have to give these a try!

Well, I am off out to put some seeds into my little seed tray.  Happy gardening!

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  1. Bernie Says:

    Unfortunately we don’t get to see much seasonal change up here. That would be a wonderful thing. I so like the sound of those seeds you’re going to try … love the sound of asparagus peas!

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