The March Garden

March 13th, 2011

the exquisitely scented ginger lilies

March is the first month of autumn.   This summer has been very wet indeed!  Much of my back yard was under water for a day or so and a lot of my little plants, even some big ones either washed away or seem very unhappy and might well need to be replaced.  The soil might need a little bit of a helping hand as well, with forking it over and adding in some mulch, start to build it up again, it is in a pretty poor shape at present, so there will need to be some work done before replacing those plants.  The ginger lilies however are loving it!

Wick-Wick the duck, always ready to help inspect the garden!

 Autumn is a very good time to inspect the garden for plants that have not coped well and to replace them.  It is a chance to make some changes.   I used to be so afraid to rip things out when I first began to work in the garden.  If a plant was sick, I felt it my duty to do all in my power to nurse it back to health.  Even in the garden centres I was drawn to the sick plants on the ‘sale tray’ down the back.  Poor little things, they needed love and attention!  I had to take them home and plant them and look after them.  When they died I felt I had failed them in some way.  But, I am over that now.  I still tend to err on the side of ‘giving them a bit more of a go’ but now I am much more inclined to cut my losses and start all over again, and I avoid the ‘sale tray’ at garden centres altogether, it just isn’t worth the effort.

March is also the day- dreaming month!  It is time to get out the summer catalogues and dream of which bulbs to order for the spring flowering!  Of course, with the shady glade that is my garden I usually have to stick to the tried and true but one can dream…

Happy gardening!

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