The Last Days of Summer

February 28th, 2011

I love to stop to smell the alyssum

As the last day of summer approaches and I am busy in the garden giving the roses their summer clipping and feed I take time out to pop a chair near the alyssum growing in the tub with the rosemary and just sit for a minute or two to drink in the sweet honey scent these little white flowers provide.  The ducks are busy about their day and it is good to take a little time out from weeding and clipping just to sit.

under the net stands a fig tree...

I am thinking about gardens and gardening in general and it occured to me that one of the wonderful things about gardening is that it allows for different things for different people.  I think that if everybody was given a little plot all of their own the end products would all be completely different.  You see this as you walk along any suburban street, each garden is an individual being.  There is room for many approaches to gardening and they each give us the satisfaction of expressing ourselves.  Gardening, in its humble way, is an art as well as a craft.  At the same time it keeps us in touch with the earth, the seasons, and with that complex of interrelated forces which we call nature.

Gardening also teaches us about change.  It was a very long time before I realised that it was ok to dig out a plant that just refused to thrive and replace it with another which was much happier or looked better there.  I must admit to still feeling a little guilty, but I am learning that change is a good thing in a garden. 

under the net, the figs....

Well, it is time now to go out to get some more little jobs done here and there about the place, on the way I will just take a quick peep at the figs growing ripe and delicious under their veil.

Happy gardening!

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