Spring Beginnings

September 13th, 2010

A quiet spot to sit and think

Creating a garden is an ongoing process.  There are always new beginnings, and there is no better time to take stock than at the beginning of Spring.  Outside my garden is full of buds and new shoots.  New beginnings.  Although there is always heaps of jobs to be done – weeds to be weeded, this time of the year it is good to take some relaxing time out, make a few plans. I like to think about any new directions I might want to take in my garden world.

bulbs flowering

I plan to visit some Open Gardens and notice how the designers have landscaped gardens around the house, browse through gardening magazines and books and take time out to dream.  Dreaming is very important to creating.  Ideas can come from any number of places.  You can start a scrapbook of pictures and plant names and habits.  Or set aside a Manila folder, box or drawer for your collected information and inspirations.  When deciding on a garden style, take your cue from the style of your house.  Look at your favourite colours, shapes and objects.  Collect gardening books that inspire you.  I love to do these things. 


Getting waterwise is something we need to think about with summer coming up. Being waterwise is all about matching plants to suit local conditions, choosing dry hardy plants, building up the soil so it holds moisture and mulching to lock in the moisture.  It is about smarter gardening.

Gardens are a moving feast, a picture in constant flux, an evolving paradise.   I like to think of my garden as a series of pictures, each revealing itself to me as I walk through.  I would love little winding paths leading me to a quiet sanctuary.  I haven’t got there yet, but I am enjoying the journey.

Happy gardening.

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