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September 17th, 2010

It is spring & time for the ducks and me to get busy!

Well, spring is here and I have got the bug for growing things, so I plan to try and plant out some little seeds.  Can’t tell which ones as yet, because I haven’t bought any, but that is the plan.  I love looking at all the different little seed packets and dreaming just a bit, and why not?  Seeds are so cheap, it is worth giving it a bit of a go.


I have some pot plants that are calling out to be repotted, so that is on the list for this month as well.  Sadly, my gardenia is looking a little sad and I might need to give her some TLC.  She seems to have some sort scale insect on her leaves and I will need to sit down beside her and give her a good wash with some water mixed with a few drops of detergent & vegetable oil.  This is time consuming but effective.  After that I will give her a special feed of slow release fertiliser, she just loves that.  We aim to make her happy, for a happy pot plant is one that will flower happily!

my potted bulbs are still looking pretty

Last summer I bought and planted a little baby, oh so cute, Oleander.  I will need to give the little thing a bit of a prune, even though it seems a little sad to do so, it needs all the length it can get.  But it has to be done if I want any flowers as they flower on new wood, and cutting it back just a little will make it grow some.

Apart from the above there is of course, the weeding and mulching.  An ongoing job.

Happy gardening!

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