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November 13th, 2010

A King Parrot visiting my garden

A King parrot visiting my garden

This month I plan to head out to the nursery and buy myself a dahlia or two, some seeds for my vege patch, some mulch for that as well and some tomato plants.  I left a couple of dahlias in the ground last year, but this time I think I have remembered where I put them, so I plan to keep an eye on that little patch of soil, keep it moist and at the first sign of little green shoots, scatter a few snail pellets about.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t use snail pellets but for a few little things I do make exceptions.  Dahlias are one of the exceptions.  The snails love the new shoots and it is a bit of a race between us -last year they won!  But, this year I am determined, and I do have the advantage that I put a little stick where they were growing last year – actually to remind me to lift them, but now if I can just find the stick….

Dahlia a generous plant

Dahlias bloom about ten weeks after planting and remain in full flower until the end of April!  What a bonus!  They are easy plants and very giving in the flower department.  All they need is a sunny, well-drained position protected from strong winds and soil that is rich with compost and manure.  Once they start growing they need frequent watering, but they hate to have wet feet.  They make a terrific gift, one that keeps on giving!  So, potting up a couple to give away for Christmas might be a good move too.

The roses, of course, need to be dead headed and they love a little plant food and I still need to keep up with mulching in and around them.  I plan to make an attack on weeds – this is the month, before the ground hardens up, yes, it is raining now, so the soil is good for weeding!  Still, I have to admit to finding weeding something I would rather write about than actually do! :)

Happy gardening!

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