My May Garden

May 26th, 2011

some of my kookaburra friends call in for a visit to my garden

My May garden is at the moment a rather depressing and untidy sight.  It is true the weeds are winning once again.  The only colour is from my dependable sasanqua camellia.  This bush always lifts my spirits at this time of the year.  It is a lovely deep red and it attracts the birds who love the nectar.  Another hit with the birds of the garden is the pineapple sage in the back yard the little honey eaters love this one.


I have not had the time to spend out in the garden of late, but I mean to get out there very soon and make an assault on all those weeds!  I am also planning to rake up all those leaves for my compost.  Waste not, want not and I need the exercise! 

One exciting thing in my garden is my fig tree, the leaves are dropping and the rest of the figs [the ones I have not already eaten] are juicy and ready for the bowl!  Harvest time!  Mr Fig tree has done very well indeed, quite enjoying his wet summer and autumn. 

Well, I am off out to collect some figs – I plan to serve them with ricotta and honey, a true autumn feast.

Happy gardening!

figs -under the net

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