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May 29th, 2011

The Mahonia Japonica

My Mahonia is a beautiful evergreen shrub with hansome glossy leaves and at this time of the year in my garden it is covered with long drooping spikes of fragrant yellow flowers.  The birds love it and so do I!  Mahonias are really useful plants for hard conditions.  Frosty or hot, shady or dry, any position seems to suit them which makes them a perfect choice for me!

beautiful long yellow spikes of flowers

It is so wonderful to step out into the garden and smell the fragrance of the flowers and sometimes I bring a few into the house so I can indulge on wet rainy afternoons without getting my feet wet.  The Mahonia attracts birds, they love it, esp honeyeaters.  I like to plant things that birds can enjoy, I think it is really their garden even more than my own.  It seems sad to plant things that can’t help to feed all the birds that live nearby.

But as with all things worthwhile, there is a down side, the holly like leaves tend to scratch you as you jiggle about underneath weeding nearby.  But other than that I just love it to bits!

Well, I am off out to put the ducks into their little house for the night.

Happy gardening!

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