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March 22nd, 2011


I have a little patch of spare empty space in a garden bed.  I plan to fill it with some winter annuals such as Cinerarias or Polyanthus, I am leaning towards the Cinerarias as I have not had a place for them in the garden for quite some years and they are so rewarding to grow.  So one little task for the month ahead, or what is left of it is to prepare the area I had in mind by digging in some mulch, perhaps adding a little blood & bone and then heading off to the nursery to bring home some baby plants.  Cinerarias are great because they give lovely colour and don’t mind a little shade.  They flower at the end of winter and it just lifts the spirits to see them.

my layer pot, last spring

Talking about the end of winter, although we are only just beginning autumn it is time, once again for the bulbs.  March is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs, especially when we have had all this rain and the ground is nice and soft.  I like to get all my bulbs planted by the end of April.   So, while I am out purchasing my Cinerarias I will also be checking out some bulbs.    The best way to judge the correct depth to plant a bulb is to make a hole twice the depth of the bulb.  If you plant closer to the surface, the bulb will be vulnerable to splitting in hot weather.

time to plant some bulbs!

Last year I did a ‘layer’ pot which worked out very well indeed, most pleased with myself with that one!  But this year I might try some coming up inbetween violas or alyssum and I have a great need for some deep blue iris.  Of course I will also need a bowl of glorious scented hyacinth, so easy to grow and so incredibly rewarding.  Once they start to flower they are a delight to bring inside, where they fill the whole room with their scent.

Well, I am off to buy some bulbs.  Happy gardening!

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