Making your world a more beautiful place

March 18th, 2011

a vase of flowers cheers you up

Growing flowers makes the world a more beautiful place to live.  Flowers are magic, they are irresistible to birds, bees, butterflies and people as well!  Flowers smell good and good smells make you happier, thats why they tell you to smell the roses!

flowers bring colour into our world

Flowers have deep roots in the human psyche.  They make us think  of love, passion, harmony, peace, beauty, they are perhaps the most powerful of all human symbols.  We present them at births or funerals; brides carry bouquets; lovers send flowers; flowers are brought into hospitals all over to cheer up people who are unwell.

You just can not have too many flowers in the garden, they tell you the season.   You are never poor if you have flowers growing in your garden.  You can give yourself the gift of a vase of flowers any time you like.  You can take a bunch when you visit friends. 

Flowers bring back memories.  The first red rose your lover gave you, the forget-me-nots you used to pick when you were a little girl, the first camelia you saw open in your first garden.  Flowers are magic.  Well, I am off to smell the roses!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Lan Says:

    I came across your blog today when I was searching for cineraria seedlings’ image.Several days ago I sowed some cineraria seeds I got from the plant I bought from a nursery but there is still no sign of sprouting until now.

    May I ask what the red and purple flowers are? This is the first time I see them.

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