Life outside the Window

December 7th, 2010

Kookaburras high in a tree just beyond my window

Looking outside the window today there is rain!  Drenching and heavy, the sky is full of water and the gutters are overflowing.  It is still humid.  Humid and wet!  The ducks are loving it.  But it is too wet to be outside.  So, I stand and watch life outside the window.

The ducks

I worked hard in the back garden yesterday and it is looking really pretty.  It is a pleasure to go and stand by the back door and look around.  I have a great feeling of accomplishment.  Yesterday, while I was chopping back I discovered a nest (the blackbirds’)  Inside were two tiny baby chicks, only just hatched by the look of them.  Small and fluffy.  What a magic moment!  I have carefully covered up the spot and will leave gardening down there for the time being.

The rosellas are back in the garden as well.  So pretty!  I love to watch from my kitchen window.  It is a magic place out there, just beyond the window.  How lovely to have my very special place.  My garden.

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  1. Lan Says:

    Your garden looks great.I wish I had one like that.

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