In amongst the weeds

February 23rd, 2010

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Yes, they are back!  Not that they ever seem to go away.  The thing is to get in down amongst them and hack away!  ‘A weed’ I say through clenched teeth,’is only a plant growing in the wrong place!’  I say this to myself as I scratch away at that rock hard clay soil, where my poor little plants are getting somewhat overgrown by lush, green weeds with roots that seem determined to stay put!  Waddles and Hazel are down in amongst them as well!  Although they mean well, they are no help at all!  Still, it is the only way with weeds.  You just have to keep on at them!

GardenFeb10 014I remember when I first began in my garden I had weeded very carefully, done a good job, or so I thought and a friend of mine came over to share a cuppa and after I showed her proudly around my little garden. ‘ I just finishedweeded here yesterday’ I modestly informed her. ‘ But you have forgot to weed that one out!’ she exclaimed.  ‘Oh, no, thats not a weed,’ I replied, ‘Its a pretty little ground cover that has lovely little blue flowers’  Hmmmm.

GardenFeb10 018The next few weeks I realised how very wrong I was, although it was certainly a ground cover – also a plant cover and in my lawn and over the top of the little plants I had planted.  Definately not a dear little thing at all!   Still, live and learn.

Today, being vastly more experienced, I can tell which are weeds and which are not.  I have even learned the names of quite a few, I am you might say on intimate terms with them all!  But, weeding is not all gloom and doom!  You can even begin to enjoy yourself!  You can get into an almost zen state!  Into the flow….  Waddles and Hazel, the ducks, find it most exciting, you just never know what might turn up, snails, slugs – they live in hope.  They try different weeds to see if they are tasty, onion weed is not too bad, but if you are duck you should not indulge in onion weed too much.

Don't worry I'll help!

Don't worry I'll help!

While weeding yesterday, I noticed that Yorik the Yabby has built his castle mud mound even higher and has added – always the DIY specialist – a leaf door on the top.  Quite beautiful, if you are a yabby but a little unfortunate looking from my angle as a gardener.  Being positioned, as it is, in the middle of a garden bed and looking like some kind of strange feature.  Still, live and let live.  Yorik does quite well really, his is the tallest clay feature and there are many yabbies living in my back garden, he seems to outwit all the kookaburras, including Chuckles.  Although, I see Chuckles parked up on my balcony just above Yoriks’ castle and watching very patiently…all things come to she who waits she seems to be saying to herself!  I try to keep out of things like that, but yabbies don’t help make a garden bed look better!  I try to resist the temptation to knock down the tower, I know he will only build it even higher the next night.

Oh, well,back to the weeding….back into the flow….Oh!  Girls, I’ve found a snail!

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