December in the Garden

December 9th, 2009


 Hello, my name is Mandy and I want to share my garden with you.  December, the sky is blue and days are longer.  Lately in my garden I have been lucky to have beautiful weather to entice me outside. The ducks and I have been very busy. December is such a hectic month though, it is hard to find time to get out there as much as I would like. Perhaps I should take time out to introduce you to my ducks, Waddles & Hazel .. here

is Waddles heading over to see what I am doing…

Well, she loves to help out.

This is the month that the hydrangeas start flowering and they look especially lovely. Hydrangeas are perfect plants for those difficult areas down the south side of the house or in a shady place where you can’t think what else to plant. They also look very beautiful in massed plantings where they can enjoy the morning sun. Here is a picture of mine at the moment. Pink and pretty. Would cheer anyone up!

Pink & Pretty hydrangeas

Pink & Pretty hydrangeas

I head out  with my hat on early in the mornings these days, with the ducks at my feet checking out the grubs and generally helping to keep the soil loose, also helping with fertilizing. But these mornings I am busy up above them dead-heading the roses. It is one of my most favourite jobs!  And so rewarding for it makes the bush give me heaps more roses. Note to self – must ask for a new pair of secateurs for Christmas from Santa.
Another thing on my wish list is a diary. Every good gardener needs one so you can keep tabs on what you did last year and it is a good way to learn when things come into flower and when you cut back things. You can pop in pictures too.  It is a good way to watch your garden grow and plan for the future.  It is a good tool and one that is not used often.
Well, this is my first post. Just a short quick one. It is time now for me to go outside and feed the ducks and pop them into their pen for the evening.  Hope you find time to relax in the garden over the next few weeks to get away from the Christmas rush and get back to nature.

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