December Garden

December 14th, 2010


My December garden has been quite a wet place to be this year!  So wet some plants have been drowned!  Poor wee little things!  Rain has come down in bucket-fulls, my sunken garden became a duck pond, much to their delight!  The broad beans are almost finished now, although we are still enjoying them with our dinner every other night!  No one has complained as yet.  But I think it just as well that they are coming to an end.  My tomatoe plants are loving the rain almost as much as the ducks!  I planted some basil near the tomatoes and tried out some black basil, which looks just super, but doesn’t grow as quickly or as happily. 

Hydrangea cuttings with tiny flowers 🙂

Once again this is the month the hydrangeas seem to come into their own.  I love this month because I can watch the changing flowers.  I love the way they begin so very small and delicate, green and furled, then grow large and lustrous.  I love the way the colour seeps into the green flowers until the bush is covered with masses of pink.  The little baby cuttings I took earlier in the year have tiny baby flowers, I am so proud of them!

Of course, December is a hectic month and I have been running about with umbrellas, christmas shopping, catching up with friends and such.  It is such a busy month it is hard to find time for the garden, even my five minute garden bag has been neglected and despite my best intentions, the weeds have won the battle for the moment.  But for the most part I have kept up with dead-heading my roses, probably because it is such a pleasant task, a good way to relax in the evening and much more interesting than TV.

Well, today the sun is shinning, and the garden calls, so happy gardening!

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